Coloured contact lenses - LIEBEUVE Cosplay Color Accent series - for strong effects

Vibrant colours! This is what the LIEBEVUE Color Accent contact lenses stand for. The Color Accent lenses are available in 8 popular colors. All the colors are all very noticeable and intense. These colored lenses completely cover your eye iris. With the monochrome contact lenses of the Color Accent Series you will immediately attract attention! These colored lenses are well suited for anime cosplays or Halloween. The LIEBEVUE Color Accent contact lenses cover both light and dark eyes. These motif lenses are available without power.
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LIEBEVUE - love your eyes!

The LIEBEVUE contact lenses were developed to provide the ultimate comfort to the human eye. We take care of your eye health. We have developed LIEBEVUE contact lenses for you! Experience the clear difference with LIEBEVUE contact lenses!