Coloured contact lenses in Aqua - a refreshing blue shade - available in different nuances and color patterns

Discover the different coloured lenses in aqua

The blue colored contact lenses in Aqua by LIEBEVUE and Elena Bellucci are reminiscent of clean water in turquoise color. The color aqua brings back memories of the sea and crystal clear mountain lakes. These colored lenses are perfect for any make-up and change the color of the eyes in a natural way. The colored lenses are suitable for light and dark eyes.

The following colored contact lenses are available in the color aqua without power:

  1. LIEBEVUE Eva Aqua
  2. LIEBEVUE Luxus Aqua (auch mit Stärke)
  3. LIEBEVUE Ardor Aqua
  4. Elena Bellucci Fantasy I Aqua
  5. Elena Bellucci Fantasy II Aqua
  6. Elena Bellucci Fantasy III Aqua
  7. Elena Bellucci Fantasy IV Aqua

Colored contact lenses in aqua with power

The LIEBEVUE Luxus Aqua colored contact lenses are available with strengths of up to -10.00 diopters.
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