LIEBEVUE 38 contact lenses - soft contact lenses for replacement period of 12 months

Soft contact lenses for myopia

LIEBEVUE 38 are our highest quality soft contact lenses that combine pin sharp vision correction and outstanding comfort. Due to the material Polymacon and an optimized water content of 38% LIEBEVUE 38 contact lenses can be worn up to one year with proper care. The contact lenses are available with power for correction of myopia from -0.50 to -10.00 diopters. The maximum daily wearing time is 12 hours.

LIEBEVUE 38 – Soft Contact Lenses for near-sightedness / myopia – 12 Months – 1 Lens
39,00 EUR
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LIEBEVUE - Love your eyes! 

The LIEBEVUE Contact lenses are designed to give the ultimate comfort to human eyes. We care about your eyes. We designed LIEBEVUE contact lenses for you! Experience the clear difference with LIEBEVUE contact lenses!