Aqua Color Contact Lenses

Blue coloured contacts in aqua by LIEBEVUE und Elena Bellucci
The blue contact lenses in the color aqua from LIEBEVUE and Elena Bellucci have a blue-green turquoise color. The shade of aqua is very attractive and evokes memories of the water in crystal-clear mountain lakes. With these blue colored lenses you can complement your make-up and change your eye color in a very natural way. The colored lenses work on light and dark eyes. The effect of the colored contact lenses is also influenced a little by your natural eye color, since the semi-transparent coloring of the contact lenses means that your natural eye color is also slightly visible. With darker eye color, this results in a slightly darker aqua shade than with light blue eye color. The blue contact lenses in the color aqua are all available without power and some with power.
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Aqua Blue Colored Contact Lenses without Prescription

  1. LIEBEVUE Eva Aqua
  2. LIEBEVUE Ardor Aqua
  3. Elena Bellucci Fantasy I Aqua
  4. Elena Bellucci Fantasy II Aqua
  5. Elena Bellucci Fantasy III Aqua
  6. Elena Bellucci Fantasy IV Aqua

Aqua Blue Prescription Colored Contact Lenses

  • Luxus Aqua