Pink colored contact lenses - LIEBEVUE Cosplay Contacts for Kawai Nezuko Cosplay and Jinx Cosplay

Pink coloured contacts of LIEBEVUE brand
Pink is a very common eye color in anime characters. Pink contact lenses from LIEBEVUE® are ideal for anime & manga cosplay. like Lucy or Kaede (anime: Elfen Lied) or Yui Komori are perfectly suited. The pink contact lenses are ideal for light and dark eyes. For more kawaii contact lenses that are particularly good for cosplay, also check out purple contact lenses, Blitz Series contact lenses, Itachi Sharingan contact lenses and Manga Series contact lenses.
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Anime cosplay with pink contact lenses

Pink contact lenses are suitable for the following anime manga characters:

  • Yuno Gasai Cosplay / Future Diary
  • Nyu Cosplay / Elfen Lied
  • Yui Cosplay / Angel Beats
  • Minori Kushieda Cosplay / Toradora!
  • Nezuko Kamado Cosplay / Demon Slayer