Coloured Contacts with Prescription – LIEBEVUE® Ardor Series

Coloured Contact lenses LIEBEVUE Ardor

The coloured contact lenses of the LIEBEVUE® Ardor series have a particularly intense and natural-looking colour. The Ardor coloured lenses are so-called 3-tone contact lenses. The Ardor colour pattern consists of three colours. Use Ardor contact lenses to give your eye make-up the perfect look. Choose the perfect colour for your look from 10 different variants.
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The colour pattern of the LIEBEVUE Ardor Contact Lenses

The colour pattern of the Ardor contact lenses consists of three colours. All Ardor contact lenses have a light brown tint in the area around the pupil and a dark tint on the outer edge of the contact lens. The coloured area that covers the iris colour differs depending on the model.

Natural contact lenses for dark eyes

The LIEBEVUE Ardor contact lenses are particularly suitable for dark eyes, as they have a particularly intense colour and pattern. LIEBEVUE® Ardor - the best coloured contact lenses for your eye make-up!