Buy Blue Contact Lenses with and without Power

Blue coloured contacts with prescription
Blue eyes with coloured contact lenses! Change your eye colour with the blue contact lenses from the LIEBEVUE and Elena Bellucci brands! Choose between natural looking semi-transparent beauty effect contact lenses and blue cosplay contact lenses. The blue coloured lenses by LIEBEVUE and Elena Bellucci let your eyes shine in beautiful, natural-looking shades of blue. The LIEBEVUE Colour Accent Blue or LIEBEVUE Blitz Blue contact lenses are suitable for anime cosplay.
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LIEBEVUE – Blue Coloured Contact Lenses

Would you like to bring a little more colour into your life? Then the coloured contact lenses in blue from LIEBEVUE are the perfect solution. These natural looking lenses come in a variety of shades and can be used for both cosplay and everyday wear. They're so comfortable you can wear them all day - and you'll love how they make your eyes pop!

Who are blue contact lenses suitable for?

The blue contact lenses are suitable for both men and women. If you want to change your eye colour from brown or green to blue, we recommend the LIEBEVUE Eva series, the luxury series, and the Ardor series from LIEBEVUE. Likewise the Fantasy II and Fantasy IV series by Elena Bellucci.

If you already have blue eyes and would like to emphasize them with additional colour nuances, we recommend LIEBEVUE 1-Tone Natural and Elena Bellucci Fantasy Series I and Fantasy Series III. These contact lenses have a rather subtle colour pattern with no dark outer ring.

Blue contact lenses in different shades of blue and colour patterns

At you will find a large selection of different blue contact lenses:

  • Blue contact lenses
  • Aqua Blue Contact Lenses (a refreshing blue-green hue)
  • Blue contact lenses in the colour Sapphire (a shade of dark blue)
  • Light blue contact lenses

All blue contact lenses are available without prescription. Some models of blue contact lenses also available with prescription!

Realize your cosplay with blue contact lenses

Blue contact lenses for Anime Cosplay - LIEBEVUE Wizard
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