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WHY COLOURLENS.DE? is the online store for coloured contact lenses by LIEBEVUE and Elena Bellucci, directly from the manufacturer. Our range includes over 150 different contact lenses from the beauty and cosplay sectors. All our contact lenses, with or without strength, are medical products and as such are subject to the highest quality standards. Our special design, coupled with our own patented colour printing technology for contact lenses, allows us to produce a contact lens that floats perfectly in the tear film over the iris, preserving the natural tear flow and making it comfortable to wear for several hours.

Beauty contact lenses are available from both LIEBEVUE and Elena Bellucci. The design of their colour patterns is based on natural eye colours and patterns, and is intended to provide a natural change in eye colour. In addition to the colour patterns of the contact lens, some series have dark shading around the outside and/or light tinting around the inside of the colouring. These help to better cover the natural eye colour. Series without this shading or tinting allow the natural eye colour to shine through a bit more, resulting in a blending of colours that creates entirely new und unique hues. This makes our contact lenses suitable for both light and dark eyes. Our beauty contact lenses are available in aqua, blue, brown, grey, green, hazel, honey, sapphire and violet. In addition, among our cosplay contact lenses, we also carry contact lenses in yellow, orange, pink, red, black and white.

LIEBEVUE Beauty Contact Lenses
1-Tone Natural: Very subtle, natural colours without shading or tinting. Best suited for eyes of a similar colour to highlight and beautify them.
2-Tone Eva: Natural colours with outer shading, which makes your eyes appear slightly larger and more present. Also good for changing eye colours.
3-Tone Ardor: Very intense colouring without shading or tinting. Particularly suitable for eyes of a similar colour to intensify and make them stand out.
3-Tone Luxus: Natural colours with external shading and internal tinting. Very suitable for changing the colour of the eyes.

Elena Bellucci Beauty Contact Lenses
Fantasy Series I: Very soft colours with light tinting around the inside of the colour pattern. Ideal for beautifying eyes of a similar eye colour.
Fantasy Series II: Slightly more intense and luminous than Fantasy Series I. Best on eyes of a similar colour to brighten and intensify them.
Fantasy Series III: Opaque colours with outer shading, without inside tint. Blends with your natural eye colour on the inner rim and is very good for completely changing eye colour.
Fantasy Series IV: Opaque colours with outer ring and tint. Also good for completely changing eye colour, but a bit more intense and opaquer than Fantasy Series III.

LIEBEVUE Cosplay Contact Lenses
The Cosplay contact lenses (also called costume lenses or motif lenses) from LIEBEVUE include a total of 100 different motifs from 6 series to cover every cosplay or costume need. 
Blitz Series: With bright colours and a distinctive outer ring, Blitz contact lenses make your eyes stand out. This series is especially popular with cosplayers to represent various characters from manga and anime.
Dolly Eye Series: Dolly Eye contact lenses, similar to Circle Lenses, make your eyes appear extra-large and, like Blitz, are therefore a popular choice especially for anime and manga characters.
Itachi Series: The Itachi Series includes seven different variations of the famous Sharingan eyes of the Uchiha clan and are perfect for cosplays of Uchihas like Sasuke, Madara or Sarada.
Manga Series: Our Manga Series contact lenses are designed to replicate the eyes typical of manga and anime and are especially popular for anime and manga cosplays.
Colour Accent Series: Colour Accent Series contact lenses have a single, very bold and opaque colour. This gives them one of the strongest effects of our contact lenses and makes them a great choice for many costumes and cosplays.
Funky Series: The Funky Series is our most comprehensive series of cosplay contact lenses and motif lenses. The 60+ designs were inspired by various pop cultures and are modelled after different characters and people from books, movies or music. 

Elena Bellucci - handmade eyelashes
In addition to coloured contact lenses, we also offer 12 different models of handmade eyelashes to beautify your eyes. Elena Bellucci Eyelashes are produced by the production technology inherited from the professional craftsmen for decades. We are endeavoring to develop the most beautiful and compatible products through development of new technologies and designs with the quality innovation. The eyelashes are reusable and, for maximum wearing comfort, attached to a breathable cotton band. For safe and comfortable attachment of our eyelashes, we also offer our own eyelash glue made from natural latex/rubber.