Elena Bellucci Coloured Contact Lenses – Fantasy Series IV

Natural coloured contact lenses with prescription

Elena Bellucci's Fantasy IV Series Coloured Contact Lenses feature an enchanting tricolour pattern. The coloured contact lenses look very natural and are good for changing the colour of your eyes. In addition to a complete change in your eye colour, you can also let your natural eye colour appear in a new shade. The subtle tawny tint around the pupil viewing window provides a smooth transition between your natural eye colour and the colour of the contact lenses. The dark ring at the outer edge of the colouration makes her eyes appear a bit larger and makes them stand out. Fantasy IV Series coloured contacts are availible in 9 different exclusive colours: Aqua, Blue, Sapphire (intense blue), Green, Dark Gray, White Gray Gray, Brown, Hazel and Honey.

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Elena Bellucci Prescription Coloured Contact Lenses

All Elena Bellucci coloured contact lenses are available without prescription. Some Elena Bellucci coloured lenses are also available in prescription. You can find the coloured contact lenses with power in the Fantasy II and Fantasy IV series. The coloured contact lenses are available in strengths from -0.50 to -10.00 dioptres.