Coloured contact lenses for anime cosplays, halloween and carnival

Here you will find a large selection of LIEBEVUE coloured lenses with which you can perfectly complement cosplay costumes. Choose between more than 100 designs of coloured contact lenses. With these coloured lenses you can give every costume and every disguise the final touch!

Use the LIEBEVUE cosplay coloured lenses for the following cosplay costumes:

  • naruto cosplay
  • hinata cosplay
  • genshin impact cosplay
  • zero two cosplay
  • attack on titan cosplay
  • runa cosplay
  • zero two cosplay
  • overwatch cosplay
  • uwowo cosplay 
  • yumeko cosplay
  • anni the duck cosplay
  • asuna cosplay
  • baso cosplay
  • dokidoki cosplay
  • sailor moon cosplay
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Coloured contact lenses from our Cosplay series are perfect for completing any cosplay or costume. Cosplaying is a hobby originally from Japan, which has enjoyed a growth of popularity all over the world. Cosplayers recreate the outfits of their favourite characters from animes and mangas, but also from movies, tv series or video games. They often spend hours on their work, paying attention to even the smallest details. These costumes are then proudly presented at various conventions and gatherings like the Comic Con in Amsterdam or Paris, the Barcelona International Comic Fair or the Japan Day and DoKomi in Düsseldorf. Of course, LIEBEVUE motif lenses are also very well suited for other occasions, like for the completion of a carnival or Halloween costume.

The wide variety of LIEBEVUE Cosplay Contacts

Our motif lenses are inspired by animes, mangas, tv-series, movies, video games, music and other pop cultural influences. We currently offer over 90 different designs in six different product series and are constantly developing new motifs, so that we can really provide the perfect lens for any cosplay or costume. Thanks to our patented P.O.I.M. technology for printing the colour patterns our lenses are safe, comfortable to wear and opaque on all eye colour, even dark eyes. Here is a short overview of our Cosplay series:
Blitz Series: The Blitz Series features vibrant colours and makes your eyes appear larger thanks to the dark pattern around the lenses outside.
Colour Accent Series: The effect of our Colour Accent Series is especially strong, thanks to their bold, single colour.
Funky Series: The Funky Series contains all our motifs inspired by western pop culture.
Itachi Series: The Itachi Series contains seven different Sharingan eyes to make every Uchiha Cosplay perfect.
Manga Series: The Manga Series gives your eyes the typical look known from mangas and animes.
Big Eye Series: The diameter of Big Eye Series contact lenses is slightly larger than our other contact lenses, emphasising your eyes and making them appear extra-large.


Our contribution to the cosplay scene

On our social media channels, we are trying to create a platform for cosplayers to exchange ideas and inspire each other to make our own contribution to the cosplaying scene. Visit our Instagram profiles and @liebevue and mention us in your own posts when using LIEBEVUE contact lenses. Comment and let us know which cosplay contacts would suit your favourite characters. Here are a few suggestions from our previous cooperations:

Cosplay girl wears a Catgirl Felix costume with colored contact lenses. @cringycatgirl using ‘Blitz Orange’ for her Felix Cosplay from Re:Zero.

A Yumeko Jabami Cosplay Anime Girl with red contact lenses from LIEBEVUE. @thanatos_arts_official using ‘Red Screen’ for her Yumeko Cosplay from Kakegurui.

A professional make-up artist wears colored contact lenses in yellow from LIEBEVUE. @nancy.wenz_ using ‘Wolf (Black Yellow)’ for her Mystique make-up from X-Men.

The quality of LIEBEVUE Cosplay Contact Lenses

We, InnoVision Deutschland GmbH, are the manufacturers of LIEBEVUE contact lenses and operators of We have specialized in the production of coloured contact lenses and set ourselves the highest quality standards for all our lenses. This applies just as much to our cosplay contacts as it does to our beauty lenses. Even though our cosplay lenses are only available without vision correction they are produced using the same process and materials as our lenses with prescription and are medical devices of the highest quality. All our contact lenses carry the CE mark for medical devices and our quality management system for medical devices is certified according to the international standard ISO 13485:2016.
In developing our contact lenses, we paid special attention to the protection of the eye’s natural tear film function. Functions of tears (tear film) can be summarized as below:
  1. Creating a smooth surface on the eye to provide good acuity[1]
  2. Lubrication of permit the smooth passage of the eyelid over the ocular surface (Prevent dry eye) [2],[3]
  3. Supplying oxygen and nutrients to the eyes through interfacing for exchange between the air and corneal tissue [3], [4]
  4. Flushing of debris and contaminants from the ocular surface.[5],[6]
  5. Prevention of infection through antibacterial enzymes/proteins[7],[8],[9],[10]
  6. Healing damage to the surface the eye [11]
43% water content soft contact lenses of LIEBEVUE and Elena Bellucci are UV blocking contact lenses that help protect against transmission of harmful UV radiation to the cornea therefore lowering the risk of eye diseases caused by UV-B and UV-A rays, such as photokeratitis, sunburn or cataracts. [12]

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