Luxus Series – Coloured Contact Lenses by LIEBEVUE

Coloured Contact lenses LIEBEVUE Luxus

The coloured lenses of the LIEBEVUE Luxus series are natural-looking colored contact lenses. The coloured lenses are suitable for light and dark eyes. A dark ring on the outer edge of the contact lens makes your eyes appear slightly larger. A brown-yellow tint around the inside of the contact lens ensures that a particularly harmonious transition is created between your natural eye colour and the contact lens. LIEBEVUE Luxus contact lenses are therefore perfect for changing your natural eye colour.
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Prescription Coulored Contact Lenses – LIEBEVUE Luxus Series

Discover the different Prescription Coloured Contact Lenses in the LIEBEVUE luxury series. The coloured lenses of the LIEBEVUE Luxus series are available with powers up to -10.00 D. The following colours are available with power:

  • Green
  • Blue
  • Honey
  • Gray