Prescription Coloured Contact Lenses

coloured contacts with prescription

At, in addition to non-prescription coloured contact lenses, you will also find prescription coloured contact lenses. All prescription coloured contact lenses can be found here on this page. The colour lenses are available with powers from 0.00 diopters to -10.00 diopters. On you will only find prescription contact lenses for the correction of myopia.

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Prescription Coloured Contact Lenses

At you will find prescription coloured contact lenses in the following colours: Blue, Grey, Brown, Green, Hazel, Pink, Purple, White

Buy Coloured Contact Lenses with prescription: versatile contact lenses for every type

Prescription coloured contact lenses and non-prescription coloured contact lenses have one thing in common – they make your eyes look beautiful and change the appearance of your eye colour. That is why they are part of the basic beauty equipment for many women when it comes to make-up. Depending on the occasion and personal preferences, the preferences are natural-looking blue, green or gray coloured contact lenses or particularly eye-catching pink or violet cosplay contact lenses.

What is the difference between coloured contact lenses with prescription and coloured contact lenses without prescription?

When you buy coloured contact lenses, you have a choice of coloured contact lenses with prescription and coloured contact lenses without prescription. The two types of coloured contact lenses differ in their optical effect. Prescription coloured contact lenses also correct ametropia. Prescription coloured contact lenses from LIEBEVUE and Elena Bellucci are designed to correct short-sightedness. The handling of coloured contact lenses with prescription and coloured contact lenses without prescription does not differ. In the online shop you can choose from LIEBEVUE or Elena Bellucci contact lenses.

Natural looking Prescription Coloured Contact Lenses for Beauty Eye Make Up

Prescription coloured contact lenses are the ideal make-up and beauty must-haves for women of the world. They are available in different colours. Among other things, there are coloured contact lenses with prescriptions in the colours blue, green, brown, grey, honey and hazel. At you can conveniently buy natural-looking coloured contact lenses with prescription from the brands LIEBEVUE and Elena Bellucci online.

Coloured Prescription Contact Lenses for Cosplay

In addition to the natural looking coloured contact lenses in grey, blue, green and brown, there are also coloured contact lenses in eye-catching colours such as purple, red or pink. Many anime and manga characters have unusual eye colours. Many cosplayers want to imitate the anime character as accurately as possible. In addition to the costume replica, it is also important to implement the eye colour of the anime character in the cosplay.

Tips: How to use coloured contact lenses skillfully

Whether you wear prescription coloured contact lenses or non-prescription coloured contact lenses, your hands should be clean and washed beforehand. Hygiene is very important, especially around the eyes. Be sure to read the contact lens instructions before use. Whether it's Prescription Coloured Contact Lenses or Non-Prescription Coloured Contact Lenses, at the end of the day, don't forget to take care of your contact lenses. Branded contact lens care products ensure that your contact lenses are excellently cleaned and disinfected and are comfortable to wear.


Coloured contact lenses are contact lenses that allow you to change the colour of your eyes. A large selection of the popular coloured contact lenses from LIEBEVUE and Elena Bellucci are available in the online shop.

  • Coloured contact lenses are soft contact lenses.
  • Coloured contact lenses are available in prescription and non-prescription versions.
  • Inserting and removing coloured contact lenses takes practice, but is learnable for most users.
  • Accentuate your eyes with natural-looking coloured contact lenses in blue, brown, green or gray. Purple, pink, or yellow coloured contact lenses are great for making cosplay characters and costumes look more realistic.
  • Prescription and non-prescription coloured contact lenses can be perfectly complemented with artificial eyelashes for optimal results.

Prescription coloured contact lenses

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