Coloured Contact Lenses – Elena Bellucci Fantasy Series III

Elena Bellucci Fantasy III Series - natural coloured contacts

Looking for coloured contact lenses without prescription? The coloured contact lenses Fantasy III series from Elena Bellucci® cover your natural eye colour perfectly. The high-quality coloured lenses are well suited to make the eye colour appear different. With the coloured lenses you can emphasize your natural eye colour or change it in a natural way. The contact lenses are suitable for use on all natural eye colours. The visual result when using Elena Bellucci coloured contact lenses is always individual. Depending on your natural eye colour, the visual effect of these coloured contact lenses will be slightly different.

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Creation of the Fantasy Series III colour pattern

The natural looking colour pattern of the Fantasy III contact lenses consists of two colours. The main colour covers the area of your eye iris, the dark accent colour creates a natural look and allows the colour of the contact lens to blend with your natural eye colour. The dark ring around the outer edge of the contact lens makes your eye look a little bigger and better defined.