Colored contact lenses Elena Bellucci - Fantasy III - with color pattern of 2 colors with dark outer limbal ring

With the Elena Bellucci® Fantasy Series III contact lenses offer a good opaque color. With the colored lenses you can highlight your eye color or change it naturally. The contact lenses are ideal for light and dark eyes. These contact lenses are 2 tone color lenses - that is, the color pattern consists of two colors. The main color covers the area of your eye iris, the dark accent color creates a natural look and allows the color of the contact lens to blend in with your natural eye color. With the Elena Bellucci colored lenses you can bring out completely new color nuances. The dark ring around the outer edge of the contact lens ensures that your eye looks a little bigger and is more accentuated. Order the colored contact lenses without the power of your choice now!
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Elena Bellucci Coloured contact lenses - Eye Beautification driven by Technology!

Elena has the meaning of shining light. Bellucci stands for beauty. Elena Bellucci is the perfect eye beauty brand for your eyes. We create this brand to make your eyes shine and beautiful!