Prescription and Non-prescription Green Contact Lenses

Green contact lenses of LIEBEVUE and Elena Bellucci

Green contact lenses are clearly one of the most popular color lenses. With green colored lenses from LIEBEVUE and Elena Bellucci, you can let your eyes shine in an attractive shade of green. Green colored lenses at are available with strength and without strength. The green contact lenses are all available without power and some with power.

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Green contact lenses from the LIEBEVUE brand

Green is the rarest of all eye colors. With green eyes we associate a mysterious, seductive aura and a creative spirit. You can make these qualities your own with green contact lenses from LIEBEVUE and Elena Bellucci! LIEBEVUE 1-Tone Natural and 3-Tone Ardor, as well as Elena Bellucci Fantasy Series I and II are more suitable for people who already have green or greenish eyes and would like to emphasize them with colored contact lenses. LIEBEVUE 2-Tone Eva and 3-Tone Luxus, as well as Elena Bellucci Fantasy Series III and IV, on the other hand, are also ideal for covering up your own eye color and thus completely changing it. The contact lenses are suitable for both light and dark eyes and are available without prescription and with prescription for short-sightedness (myopia) up to -10.00 dpt.

Green contact lenses from Elena Bellucci

In addition to green, Elena Bellucci's colored lenses are also available in light green and grey-green. The following models are available at

  • Elena Bellucci Fantasy I – Green
  • Elena Bellucci Fantasy II – Green
  • Elena Bellucci Fantasy III – Green
  • Elena Bellucci Fantasy IV – Green
  • Elena Bellucci Fantasy I – Light Green
  • Elena Bellucci Fantasy I Serie Graugrün
  • Elena Bellucci Fantasy III Serie Graugrün

Prescription green contact lenses

Green contact lenses without prescription

  • LIEBEVUE Natural - Green
  • LIEBEVUE Eva - Green
  • Elena Bellucci Fantasy I - Green
  • Elena Bellucci Fantasy I - Light Green

What are green contact lenses suitable for?

With natural-looking green contact lenses you can perfect a beauty make-up or you can use the green motif lenses for costumes and anime cosplay.