Gray Contact Lenses at

Gray coloured contacts LIEBEVUE and Elena Bellucci
Are you looking for gray contact lenses? Haven't found the right gray contact lenses yet? Then take a look at our large selection of gray contact lenses. At you will find a large selection of gray contact lenses with and without prescription from the brands LIEBEVUE® and Elena Bellucci®. The gray contact lenses are available in different shades of grey.
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Gray contact lenses in blue-grey, green-grey, green-grey or yellow-grey

Our gray contact lenses can help you achieve those beautiful shades. Different shades of gray cover and blend with your natural eye color, creating whole new individual shades of gray in your eyes! The contact lenses are suitable for both light and dark eyes and without eyesight, as well as with eyesight for short-sightedness (myopia) up to -10.00dpt. available.

Natural looking gray contact lenses

Gray eyes are naturally a mixture of different shades of gray with shades of green, blue, or brown. These mixed colors are considered particularly interesting and attractive. At you will also find gray contact lenses in different shades of grey:

  • light gray / white gray
  • dark gray / dark gray
  • gray / gray
  • green gray / green gray
  • yellow gray / yellow gray
  • blue gray / blue gray

Gray contact lenses for dark eyes

The gray contact lenses from Elena Bellucci and LIEBEVUE are well suited for dark eyes. The different shades of gray allow you to achieve different effects with your eye make-up.

Can I buy gray contact lenses without prescription?

Yes, at you will also find all gray contact lenses without prescription. For the gray contact lenses that are also available in power, simply select the value 0.00 D in the drop-down menu.

Can I wear gray contact lenses on dark eyes?

Yes, gray contact lenses match your natural eye color very well. Light gray contact lenses are a natural way to make your dark brown eyes look lighter. Our gray contact lenses have been designed so that you can change your natural eye color into natural-looking different shades - without your new eye color appearing artificial and unnatural.