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Coloured Contact Lenses LIEBEVUE® brand

Are you looking for natural looking coloured contact lenses? The natural-looking coloured contact lenses from LIEBEVUE offer you an impressive new look with high wearing comfort. The specially designed colour patterns ensure high opacity on dark eyes. A special highlight of the LIEBEVUE coloured lenses is the aspherical contact lens design. Our LIEBEVUE coloured contact lenses take corneal asphericity into account to ensure the best possible fit on the eye and smooth tear circulation. Part of the edge of the lens is shaped to be slightly raised. This helps ensure that tear fluid can circulate well and oxygenate the eye with each blink. LIEBEVUE® coloured lenses are available without power with 0.00 D and with power from -0.50 D to -10.00 D.

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Where can you buy Coloured Contact Lenses?

You can buy coloured contact lenses from different providers. You can buy coloured contact lenses in stores or online from the comfort of your own home.

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  Optician – Your online shop for coloured contact lenses

We offer coloured contact lenses for a natural change in eye colour, but also fancy themed lenses for cosplayers. All LIEBEVUE and Elena Bellucci contact lenses are manufactured to the highest quality standards.

Buy prescription Coloured Contact Lenses

LIEBEVUE Ardor Series and LIEBEVUE Luxus Series are coloured contact lenses that look natural and are particularly suitable as a supplement for breathtaking eye make-ups. The following coloured contact lenses are available without a power of 0.00 dioptres and with a power of up to -10.00 dioptres:

LIEBEVUE Ardor prescription coloured contact lenses

  • LIEBEVUE Ardor Gray
  • LIEBEVUE Ardor Green
  • LIEBEVUE Ardor Honey
  • LIEBEVUE Ardor Sapphire

LIEBEVUE Luxus prescription coloured contact lenses

  • LIEBEVUE Luxus Aqua
  • LIEBEVUE Luxus Blue
  • LIEBEVUE Luxus White Gray
  • LIEBEVUE Luxus Dark Gray
  • LIEBEVUE Luxus Honey
  • LIEBEVUE Luxus Hazel
  • LIEBEVUE Luxus Sapphire