Coloured Contact Lenses – Hazel

Byu brown coloured contacts in hazel colour
Want Hazel as your eye color? Hazel is a yellow-brown color. Hazel is one of the most attractive eye colors. The hazel-colored contact lenses from LIEBEVUE and Elena Bellucci look very natural on brown eyes. Our hazel color swatches will give your eyes a natural looking color!
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Hazel Contact Lenses

Hazel is a mix of different shades of brown and green. The special thing about hazel coloured eyes is that they appear different depending on the lighting conditions. Sometimes the green is more prominent, sometimes the brown and even golden tones can occur with Hazel eyes. You can also have this rare and particularly attractive eye color with the Hazel contact lenses from Elena Bellucci® and LIEBEVUE®. For eyes that are already light brown, green or hazel, the contact lenses from the LIEBEVUE® 1-Tone Natural and 3-Tone Ardor Series, as well as Elena Bellucci Fantasy Series I and II, are particularly suitable for enhancing and emphasizing the hazel effect. For more drastic changes in eye color, we recommend LIEBEVUE® 2-Tone Eva and 3-Tone Luxus, or Elena Bellucci® Fantasy Series III and IV. LIEBEVUE® contact lenses are suitable for both light and dark eyes and are available without prescription and with prescription . LIEBEVUE® Colors are available to correct myopia with strengths of up to -10.00 dpt.

What are Hazel Contact Lenses?

InnoVision offers hazel brown contact lenses in two different tones: Hazel and Light Hazel.

Hazel brown contact lenses without a dark ring on the outer edge:

  • Elena Bellucci® Fantasy I Hazel
  • Elena Bellucci® Fantasy I Light Hazel

Hazel contact lenses with a dark ring on the outer edge:

  • Elena Bellucci® Fantasy III Hazel
  • Elena Bellucci® Fantasy III Light Hazel
  • Elena Bellucci® Fantasy IV Hazel