Coloured Contact Lenses for Manga Anime Cosplay - LIEBEVUE® Blitz

Cosplay contact lenses LIEBEVUE Blitz series
The anime cosplay contact lenses from the LIEBEVUE Blitz series are ideal for anime cosplay. With the colored contact lenses, you can portray different anime or manga cosplays. The unique and masterful color patterns of the Blitz contact lenses make your eyes look extra pretty or kawaii.
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You can wear LIEBEVUE® Blitz contact lenses in the following cosplays:

  • Hinata Cosplay / Naruto
  • Genshin Impact Cosplay 
  • Sakura Haruno Cosplay / Naruto
  • Tsunade Cosplay / Naruto
  • Kanao Cosplay / Kimetsu no Yaiba
  • Emilia Cosplay / Re:Zero
  • Homura Akemi Cosplay
  • Shinobu Kocho Cosplay / Demon slayer
  • Mikan Cosplay / Danganronpa
  • Yuri Cosplay / Doki Doki Literature Club
  • Esdeath Cosplay / Akame ga kill!
  • Maid Cosplay

Peculiarities of the Blitz color pattern

LIEBEVUE Blitz contact lenses have very bright colors and a distinctive, dark ring around the outer end of the color pattern. This color pattern emphasizes your eyes very much and is very suitable for cosplaying anime and manga characters. The colored lenses provide good coverage for both light and dark eyes. The contact lenses are available without prescription.

About LIEBEVUE contact lenses

LIEBEVUE contact lenses impress with their high wearing comfort and beautiful, natural-looking color patterns. With the extraordinary colored cosplay contact lenses you can express your creativity and imagination.