Coloured Contact Lenses without prescription – Elena Bellucci Fantasy Series I

Coloured contacts Elena Bellucci Fantasy I Series

Elena Bellucci® Fantasy Series I Coloured Contact Lenses have soft tones and are best suited to enhance your natural eye colour. A slightly yellow tint around the inside of the colour pattern creates a particularly harmonious transition between the contact lens and your natural eye colour. The Elena Bellucci Fantasy Series I contact lenses by Elena Bellucci come in 17 colourful variants with natural looks that you can use to create unique and exciting eye make-up looks.

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Variety of Collection of colours in Elena Bellucci Fantasy I Series Contact Lenses

Elena Bellucci Coloured Contact Lenses Fantasy I Series are availible in 17 elegant colours:

Aqua Green 
Blue Light Green
Light Blue Hazel
Brown Light Hazel
Blue Gray Honey
Dark Gray Light Honey
Green Gray Sapphire
White Gray Violet
Yellow Gray