Blue Contact Lenses – Sapphire

Blue coloured contacts - sapphire
The blue contact lenses from LIEBEVUE® and Elena Bellucci® let your eyes shine in a beautiful, intense blue. The blue contact lenses are ideal for light and dark eyes. At there are natural looking blue contact lenses in several different shades of blue: Blue (blue), Aqua (turquoise), Sapphire (dark blue), Blue Gray (blue grey), Light Blue (light blue). Sapphire blue contact lenses are the darkest or most intense shade of blue. The blue contact lenses in the shade of sapphire are a perfect match for brown or dark eyes.
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Sapphire – Blue contact lenses from LIEBEVUE

The blue Liebevue contact lenses are ideal for a natural look. They come in a variety of colors and designs so you can choose the best one for your eye color. Blue contact lenses are an excellent choice if you want to change the color of your eyes.

Sapphire blue contact lenses with prescription / without prescription

Use blue contact lenses

The best thing about colored contact lenses: You can make your eye color shine in completely different shades of blue. At you will find blue contact lenses in different blue colors such as sapphire blue, blue, light blue and aqua. Depending on the color of your natural eye color, the effect of the blue contact lenses on your eye will differ.

Our tip: If you want to create a special eye make-up look, also use matching eye shadow colors and dark kajal.