Optician & Optometrist Inquiry

Eye check up of a woman with a eye care professional.
Picture above: Measuring the visual acuity of the left eye in a woman

We supply our products to opticians, optometrists, eye doctors and retailers in the fields of optometry, ophthalmology, medicine and eye cosmetics. If you have any inquiry, please contact us under info@innovue.de.


For orders, please contact our sales manager. We gladly accept orders by telephone, e-mail, postal route or fax. 

Sales Manager Michael Holling
Michael Holling Sales Manager

Contact Information Sales

Telephone: +49 (0) 6196 967 4466
E-Mail: sales@innovue.de

InnoVision Deutschland GmbH
Kölner Str. 1
65760 Eschborn, Deutschland   

In case of European countries, the delivery will take place around 3-7 workdays (by Deutsche Post) after order receipt and confirmation of the proforma invoice.

Are you an eye care professional? You can order from our company website :