Coloured contact lenses - LIEBEVUE Cosplay Funky Series - over 100 different motif lenses - for all kinds of costumes

Coloured contact lenses by LIEBEVUE for Anime Cosplay or Halloween costumes.
With over 60 motifs, the Funky Series is the largest series of LIEBEVUE cosplay contact lenses. These motif lenses are inspired by movies, series, books, music and general modern pop culture. Thus, the Funky series covers a wide range of different motifs. You are sure to find the right contact lens for your costume or anime cosplay among the many motif lenses in the Funky Series. The color samples of the Funky series mostly completely cover the natural eye color.

Special models - for special visual effects

Some special models such as Red Screen or White Mesh also partially cover the field of view of the pupil and thus restrict the field of view. The colored contact lenses of the Funky series are available without prescription.
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