Coloured Contact Lenses Blue

Blue eyes are considered attractive! We have developed the LIEBEVUE and Elena Bellucci brands of blue colored contact lenses so that anyone who wants to try them can have natural looking blue eyes. The blue colored lenses from LIEBEVUE and Elena Bellucci let your eyes shine naturally in beautiful blue tones.

Who are blue contact lenses for?

The blue contact lenses are suitable for both men and women. If you want to change your eye color from brown or green to blue, we recommend the LIEBEVUE Eva series, the Luxus series and the Ardor series by LIEBEVUE. The same goes for the Fantasy II and Fantasy IV series by Elena Bellucci.

If you already have blue eyes and would like to highlight them with additional color nuances, we recommend the LIEBEVUE 1-Tone Natural as well as the Elena Bellucci Fantasy Series I and Fantasy Series III. These contact lenses have a rather subtle color pattern without a dark outer ring.

Contact lenses in different shades of blue and color patterns

On you will find a large selection of different blue colored contact lenses:
  • blue contact lenses
  • Aqua blue contact lenses (a refreshing blue-green shade)
  • Sapphire blue contact lenses (a dark blue shade)
  • light blue contact lenses
All blue contact lenses are available without power. Some of the blue contact lenses are also available with power!
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LIEBEVUE - Liebe deine Augen! 

Die LIEBEVUE Kontaktlinsen wurden entwickelt, um dem menschlichen Auge den ultimativen Komfort zu bieten. Wir kümmern uns um Ihre Augengesundheit. Wir haben LIEBEVUE Kontaktlinsen für Sie entwickelt! Erleben Sie den deutlichen Unterschied mit LIEBEVUE Kontaktlinsen!