Coloured Contact Lenses Hazel

Hazel coloured eyes are a mixture of different shades of brown and green. What makes Hazel eyes really stand out is that their colour appears to change, depending on the current light conditions. It shifts from appearing more brownish or greenish and even golden hues can occur with Hazel eyes.You can now own this rare and particularly appealing eye color, with Hazel contact lenses from Elena Bellucci and LIEBEVUE. For eyes that are already light brown, green or hazel, LIEBEVUE 1-Tone Natural and 3-Tone Ardor Series contact lenses, as well as Elena Bellucci Fantasy Series I and II, are particularly suitable for enhancing and highlighting the Hazel effect. For more drastic changes in eye color, we recommend LIEBEVUE 2-Tone Eva and 3-Tone Luxus, or Elena Bellucci Fantasy Series III and IV.

The contact lenses are suitable for both light and dark eyes and are available without prescription, as well as with prescription for myopia up to -10.00dpt.
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