Brown colored contact lenses for a natural look - natural looking brown eyes

Brown eyes express confidence, loyalty, strength and compassion. Brown contact lenses by LIEBEVUE and Elena Bellucci can help you in expressing those character traits and making them a part of your look. They are available with many different patterns in different shades of brown, so you can definitely find the right contact lens for your needs. To completely change your eye colour we recommend using either LIEBEVUE 2-Tone Eva or 3-Tone Luxus, as well as Elena Bellucci Fantasy Series III and IV. To intensify brown eyes by adding new patterns and nuances we recommend LIEBEVUE 3-Tone Ardor, as well as Elena Bellucci Fantasy Series I and II. The contact lenses are suitable for light and dark eyes and available without vision correction. For brown toned contact lenses with vision correction check our Hazel and Honey colours.
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